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Tavis England Staff Photo

Driver Education and Weightlifting 

Driver Education


Coach England

Driver Education is divided into two sections. 

Section One:

The first section includes 30 hours of classroom instruction.  This includes 3 tests over the material from our textbook and the TN Driver's Handbook.  This section of the course must be passed to move on to the driving in Section 2.


Section Two:

The second section consists of 6 hours of behind the wheel time and additional observational time in the car observing other student drivers.  Successful completion of this course will satisfy requirements for a Driver Education discount for automotive insurance, if your insurance company offers such a discount.  


Requirements for Class:

1. 30 hours of classroom instruction

2. 6 hours of behind the wheel training

3. Observation Time

4. Each student must get a copy of the TN Driver's Handbook

5. Notebook, paper, pencil are required each day.

6. Any additional materials if they become necessary. 


*On the days you are scheduled to drive:

Your attendance is your responsibility.  If you miss your driving day we will attempt to make the day up after all other driving days are completed in the semester.  If there are no days left over in the semester you will lose that day of driving.

If you have been prescribed eyeglasses or contacts you must wear them while driving.  If you forget them you will not be allowed to drive. 



Weight Training



Goals of this class:

The student enrolled in this class will have the opportunity and responsibility to learn and apply techniques to improve their physical abilities.  This improvement will have a positive impact on the student's ability to complete everyday tasks as well as increase their abilities to participate in any athletic event. 


Focus of this class:

This class is focused on compound, ground-based movements.  These types of lifts are very demanding, and as such, hard work is required to learn and improve one's performance of these lifts.  Students seeking an "easy elective" class should not take this class.  While there is inherit risk in participating in any type of exercise, the student will be expected to dress appropriately and use the techniques taught to perform the lifts in a safer manner. 



This class requires intense, daily effort.  This effort is rewarded in the form of a participation grade.  Failure to participate fully will result in a lower participation grade.  The participation grade has three components.  Two components involve having all required materials including notebook, paper, pencil, and proper attire.  The third component involves the student's physical exertion and the full completion of the day's programmed lifts.